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The rescued Terrier Mix

We ask ourselves why every day why do these babies suffer, this sweet soul has lost her will to live. You can see it in her eyes she has been beaten down by horrible neglect, abuse, and terrible injuries. She has been breed over and over, possibly hit by a car, with loss of strength in back legs, dragging them and praying for the world to help her. In her silence not understanding why she has to suffer, when all she wants is love. Please know that we could not turn a blind eye on this poor soul, we do not have a foster, and are still searching for fosters for a few dogs that we have in our rescue. We are hopeful that another respected rescue we have reached out to secure a foster, we are all working together as a village to try to find her help. Your donation will help make that possible. 
Thankcyou for giving her a chance.
Ruby is under the care oBullies -N -Beyond rescue a non profit 501c3 based organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of all breeds but close to our hearts are the Bully breeds as we know they are the most misunderstood.

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