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when life throws you a curve ball and your guardian angels send you a good samaritan



Lucky Homeless Dog

“Canela's story was unique and deserving of all the help she and her human Dad received ” 


A dogs Life protected with Love and Dignity


Canela's Story

Summer 2021

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Canela ready to travel


Canela Checked in at Amerijet


Canela picked up by Tito in PR

Cannelas Journey

We received a plea for help from one of our local supporters one of our cat gurus, Ms. Hope Gold.  

Hope had been contacted by a friend of her another stray cat feeder Sandra Bavasso. Sandra and her husband Glenn had come across a humble homeless named Tito and his dog Canela.

Tito, original from Puerto Rico found himself in a very unfortunate situation, living homeless in South Florida. When Sandra noticed Tito and his dog she knew she wanted to help them. Given the situation the most admirable part of Tito was his unselfish love and caring for his dog Canela, she was all he had. 

Sandra and Glenn gave Tito and Canela temporary shelter while trying to get Titos flight back to his native Puerto Rico and figure out how to transport Canela as well.

Thats when we were contacted by Hope Gold who put us in contact with Sandra Bavasso asking if we can help get Canela transported to Puerto Rico. We jumped right on board trying to help.

 First, SFLH's Frank Polanco & Anthony Vessillo  went to meet up with Tito and Canela who were now safe and sound staying in Sandra and Glenn's home while the logistics of their travels were arranged. We met Tito a nice humble man and Canela a gentle sweet dog. After meeting Canela we noticed she was not spayed, so we offered to get this done before she gets on any flight to Puerto Rico. Tito agreed to getting her spayed and thanks to our board member Maria Eugenia Gaspari and SFLH supporter  Christina Dickson we were able to bring Canela to Miami Shore Animal Hospital were Canela was spayed, microchipped and was fully vetted and obtained her travel certificate. 

Tito flew to Puerto Rico meanwhile Canela remained in foster with Sandra and Glenn until all of the logistics were put in place. At last thanks to Amerijet we were able to find a  reasonably priced flight to send Canela. Our own Frank Polanco arranged all of the travel logistics for Canela. This was one of the most desirable and needed help Sandra & Glenn needed to be able to get Canela reunited with Tito in Puerto Rico. 

We contacted Gloria Marti at our partners at Save A Sato in Puerto Rico and arranged with them to have Canela picked up at the airport and brought to the shelter until the next day that Tito will come by from far away to pick up Canela. This was a well oiled machine and our village did an amazing job once again on this case.

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