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The Rescued Kitten

Here at SOUTH FLORIDA LENDING HANDS, we’ve been helping our stray animals in a variety of ways. Such as our rescued kitten MIRACLE. We were called to assist with a mom and kittens by our friends at Keystone Builders. They found them inside an abandoned van in backk lot in Fort Lauderdale 13 street. On our way to the location we came across Miracle a tiny baby kitten lost from his mom and siblings. As we drove up the kitten was crossing the street. We happened to arrive at the right time. This tiny kitten destiny crossing the street was not promising. Miracle was extremely fragile. We managed to rescue him and bring hi to safety.

He was bottled fed and cared for with much love. We received a lending hand with an animal lover that helped us cared for Miracle.

Sadly Miracle suffered a respiratory failure. He was rushed to the vet office where he was given oxygen. But Miracle didn't make it. This was very heartbreaking. We went back and rescued one of his siblings Jasper who was adopted.

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