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Saturday July 24th 6-11PM
603 NE 13 Street Fort Lauderdale

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ART 13



Compelled to celebrate humanity, in a world that is becoming less sensitive,Krystle Sabdul explore the theme in her paintings, using her work as a positive platform in communicating human emotion and personality - highlighting our similarities rather than our differences. With no real formal training,Krystle has learned to rely on the skill of listening to and trusting her inner voice to guide her visual expressions. Her color choices exude vibrance – a true reflection of her culture- and communicates the emotion and the inner strength of the subjects she paints. The body of her artwork, to this point, captures the candid nature of women and children, conveying messages of optimism, positivity, and hope. She places an emphasis on the intensity in the subjects’ eyes, making them a focal point, creating a bond between viewer and subject by evoking feelings of familiarity and endearment. If she can elicit a feeling of familiarity, togetherness or warmth, then she has done justice to the piece.

art work coming soon

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